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Annual Report AUDI – Think Future (technical, convincing)


TV Film Promotion – ”Riding the Storm” – (narrative, old matriarch – strong, emotional)


Travel Report / Ad for Lufthansa (evocative, warm, explanatory)


Audio-Guide Aquarium (factual, friendly, clear)


Mobile Telephone instructions (explanatory, clear, friendly)


Image Film for Jil Sander (understated, cool, confident)


Film Voiceover “Kosovo Diary” – Refugee Story (evocative, dramatic)


Image film for DAK (fast, serious, confident)


Children’s cartoon series – ”Filifant” (narration and role play of different animals)


Ad – MIELE (sexy, soft, clear)


Lift announcements (clear, factual)


Ad – MÜLLER (4 versions – intimate, whispered)