Travel Report / Ad for Lufthansa (evocative, warm, explanatory)

Cash Cycle / for Deutsche Bundesbank (friendly, instructive)

Audio-Guide (factual, friendly, clear)

Mobile Telephone instructions (explanatory, clear, friendly)

Lift announcements (clear, factual)

Image Film for Jil Sander (understated, cool, confident)

Image film for DAK (fast, serious, confident)

Annual Report AUDI – Think Future (technical,  convincing)

Film Voiceover  “Kosovo Diary” – Refugee Story  (evocative, dramatic)

TV Film Promotion – ”Riding the Storm” – (narrative, old matriarch – strong, emotional)

Children’s cartoon series – ”Filifant”  (narration and role play of different animals)

Ad – MIELE (sexy, soft, clear)

Ad –  MÜLLER (4 versions – intimate, whispered)

Ad – ATRIX (role of mother – funny, sexy)