My Voice

My voice has been described as warm, easy on the ear, clear, gentle, yet authoritative. It can be neutral or sexy, serious or light-hearted.  I pride myself on speaking R.P. (Received Pronunciation). Hailing from Harrow, part of Greater London in south-west England, I have no regional accent. I can, however, record in several different regional accents if required, including Cockney, Northern, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and West Country – and super-posh “Queen’s English”. Sometimes I am asked to record in a “mid-Atlantic” accent, to suit both the British and American markets.  I am also sometimes asked to do recordings in German, but with an obvious British accent: no problem there!

 I am firmly of the opinion that what listeners want and need is to understand the message comfortably. Some recordings depend absolutely on getting that message across clearly: E-Learning, mobile phone instructions, audio-guides, recordings for transport and lifts, etc. Others require a more relaxed, chatty tone: advertisements, certain company image films and documentary films. Audio books, on the other hand, require a whole gamut of voices, accents and emotions and I enjoy this challenge tremendously..

Whatever your requirements, I can deliver the voice. My years of experience mean that I usually know instinctively how to deliver your script, but I take direction easily and always come up with an accent or tone that fits the bill. And if it is “role play” you are looking for, I am more than happy to slip into a different character, nationality or age bracket.